Lighthouse Green Fuels (LGF) is classed as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP), as it is deemed crucial for the UK’s national infrastructure. Under the Planning Act 2008, NSIPs need to seek a Development Consent Order (DCO) in order to be built and operated. It follows this specific planning route:

1. Pre-application and consultation:

We will hold a consultation to present our plans for LGF. You will be able to inform us of your thoughts, together with the rest of the local community, local authorities and statutory consultees. Providing feedback will be vital to our final plans for LGF. At this stage we will also conduct an environmental impact assessment.

2. Application submission:

Having considered feedback from the consultation we will finalise and submit our DCO application to the Planning Inspectorate. This will include the detailed project proposals, and a consultation report summarising your feedback and how the project has developed.

3. Acceptance stage:

The Planning Inspectorate has 28 days to decide whether the application meets the standards to proceed to examination. If accepted, the application will be publicised.

4. Pre-examination:

Following acceptance, you can register as an Interested Party with the Planning Inspectorate to keep you informed of the process and to make representations. It ends with a preliminary meeting to set the examination timetable.

5. Examination:

A detailed examination of the application occurs, which must be completed within six months. The Examining Authority (appointed by the Planning Inspectorate) evaluates the project’s details, potential environmental impacts, and representations made by Interested Parties.

6. Decision:

Post-examination, the Examining Authority has three months to make a recommendation to the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State then has a further three months to make the final decision on whether or not to grant a DCO for the project.

We are currently engaging with stakeholders as we develop our plans for a public consultation on LGF, which will be held early in 2024.

The consultation and associated events will be advertised in the local media. Residents and businesses in the immediate area surrounding our Billingham site will be contacted by post.

Indicative Project Timeline: