The Billingham site

In 2018 Alfanar acquired certain rights and infrastructure in respect of a site on Teesside, a short distance south-east of Billingham, and north of the River Tees. This forms part of an ambitious £1.5 billion investment to help decarbonise the global aviation industry. The investment will support the UK in reaching its Net Zero ambition by 2050 and will facilitate the UK pathway to becoming a global clean energy leader.

The Billingham site was previously permitted to process household and commercial waste via an energy-from-waste gasification facility, which was largely fully constructed by a company called Air Products. Currently a brownfield site, it will be repurposed for the new LGF SAF refinery, which is progressing through the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) phase of development.

The site currently has the benefit of a number of established utility connections, including a National Grid connection. Currently in a state of preservation, our operations team is present at the site to maintain key equipment and utility connections.

Why Teesside?

Teesside has a strong industrial heritage combined with a highly skilled workforce. Alongside tackling aviation emissions and decarbonising the UK economy, LGF will create opportunities for the local community by utilising the highly skilled workforce and local suppliers. This will attract significant further investment into the Teesside and North East regions that originally helped to forge the Industrial Revolution.

LGF is expected to create over 1,000 jobs during the construction phase and 240 full-time jobs once fully operational, the highest number of jobs for a project of this kind in Europe. Teesside will directly benefit from this. Apprenticeship schemes will also be setup to support staffing requirements for the next 25 years of operations, helping to upskill the local workforce.

LGF will make Teesside and the UK a European leader in the production of SAF.